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RE: [IP] Need Celiac Info

You can check out the subject at http://www.celiac.org/

Someone mentioned allergies to you and those can wreak total havoc with
blood glucose. I have more problems with food allergies during the general
allergy seasons and that is why I am getting an insulin pump. When the
allergy season rolls around my basal needs about double and sometimes, no
matter how well you match the carb to insulin ratio for a meal, you will get
some unexpected results. Prior to seeing an allergist and having tests run,
doctors blamed the poor control onto
me of course! You can get some real nasty intestinal reactions to food
allergies also and wheat is a very common allergen, along with gluten.


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 Well I saw the D-team yesterday and they want me to be tested for celiac
disease - I have to get blood work done, if that comes back positive then
biopsy's to confirm. They think there is a good chance I have it cause of my
history of stomache troubles ( GERD) and my recent drastic changes in BG"S
upped basals and doubled daily totals.

 I don't know much about celiac other then you need to go on a gluten free
and from my understanding that means no starches.

 Those of you that have it, what exactly is it what do you eat how does it
effect your sugars etc.

The nurse said that 10% of Celiac patients have Diabetes.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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