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Re: [IP] Re: Checking "Sugar Free Drinks" for Sugar

>  Please help me refresh my memory. We used to be able to use urine sugar
> strips to confirm that drinks that were supposed ed to be sugar free were
> actually sugar free. Was that just a mater of dipping the strip into the
> sample?
> Are these sugar urine test strips still on the market?
>  I have some diet sugar free drinks that I buy that sure do cause me to
> my head and say, "How can this be?"

i will have to go check to see if the urine test strips are at the pharmacy
now... it's something i've also had a problem with when i've been eating
out, ordering a diet pop, tasting it and being sure it must be regular.
i'll ask the people i'm with to taste and tell me if they think it's diet or
not, but i really should go with my gut.
one friend who works in the restaurant industry said that they may be
pushing the diet pop button (you know the hose type things they have for
drinks) but they may not be cleaning the dispensing thing often enough, so
sugar may be building up.  it's a theory.

so yeah, do the urine strips work in drinks? :)
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