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[IP] opinions

I wrote:
> bottom line, find out WHY he feels to the need to say this and 
> deal with it with facts, and not just OUR opinions

and Jim wrote back
> I never suggested he wasn't dealing with facts and just YOUR opinions. 
> I was simplyasking what the general feeling was aboutthis 
> among the members here in IP.

Well, Jim I was just responding to your previous email, 

> Why would a  dr. discourage a diabetic from testing his/her
> BG at any time? Especially 2 hours after meals? Any opinions?

I think you clearly ask for our opinions of what the doctor was dictating. My 
post was simply my "opinion" that our opinions are not really worth as much 
as finding out WHY he would not want you testing so frequently....
whether a pumper or not....though as a pumper, i would say we are MORE prone 
to correct if there is a problem at 2 hour mark, than someone who would have 
to poke another HOLE in their skin with an injection.  

I am of the mind that there must be a justifiable reason for everything a 
doctor or someone who assumes a position of authority (such as a president) in 
 our lives. I am not a marine and I do question authority...and I would want to
know WHY a doctor says something like that, not just the opinion of 5,000 
people here, many of whom probably DO test 2 hours after a meal and some who, 
(sadly, in my opinion) over-correct at the 2 hour mark...


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