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[IP] My Ultra Smart Died

I've always used Lifescan products, they are all I know.  I waited anxiously
for the Ultra Smart to come out.  I had one in my hot little hands one week
after it was released.

One month ago I started to have unexplainable discrepancies in my readings,
high I might add.  I gave it a few days and compared it to my Ultra that I use
as a backup.

I called Lifescan, I didn't have any control solution that was any good, they
said that they couldn't help me if I didn't have control solution, I wasn't
happy, but oh well, I was the one without control solution.

Last night it took two or three tries to get the meter to power up when I put
a test strip in.  Today it won't power up at all when a test strip is
inserted.  I can power it up with the buttons, but not when I put the strip

Lifescan was willing to replace the meter, its just a little over ten weeks
old.  I told them that I didn't want another meter, I wanted to return this
one.  I thought that maybe it was time to try another meter.  Since the meter
is more than 30 days old, they won't let me return it.  I'm not happy.

Maybe I'm being unreasonable, I admit, I'm cranky, three sick kids over a
rainy holiday weekend~this morning I wake up with the killer cold.

Sorry so long~just needed to vent.

Anyone have any meter recommendations, I'm in the market for a new meter.
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