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[IP] Re: adding 5 gms of carbs a week/day

In a message dated 5/26/03 3:32:39 AM, George    :>) writes:

>ou had said "adding 5 gms of carbs a week", so I presume you meant 
>"5 gms of carbs a day".   My Palm CalorieKing says that one cup of 
>raw summer squash was 4.92 gms of carbs, one carrot (7.5") would be 
>7.27 gms of carb, one cup of chopped fresh tomato would be 8.35 gms.

You have to deduct the grams of fiber. It is about 5 gm of carbs that affects 
your bg, and supposedly fiber doesn't. The Atkins website has a carb gram 
counter with the actual carb count, g of fiber, net carbs, fat, protein and 
It seems to work pretty well. 

A Type 1 would probably not be able to do this diet without being on the 
pump. I am T1. 

I am waiting until July, when I see my endo to see whether my cholesterol, 
etc. has gone up or down. The diet is supposed to lower those things, but mine 
were normal to start.

In my life, I never was able to diet easily, without having  hypoglycemic 
 reactions for the first 2 weeks, while I adjusted my insulin (pre-pump). By
time I usually gave up. I wasn't really overweight when I started this, but I 
wanted to go down a little. It works for me.

If you do this diet, you need to read the book and/or go to the website: 

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