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Re: [IP] Getting a pump for through the VA for a Type 2?


    I forgot,  the letter is a letter of approval for treatment outside the
VA.  It is addressed to the hospital or health care facility that will do the
training and start the pump therapy.  The perscription is written and sent
to the VA physician (endocrinologist) who originally wrote the consult
for the letter of approval.  The VA Endo then orders the pump and required
supplies through the prosthetics office of the VA.  Keep pushing for it...It
sometimes takes a little effort to get anything from the VA.

Gary   (South Central PA;  dxd 9/74; pumping 6/03)

Sheri Byrne wrote:

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> This is for a "FOAF" (friend of a friend)
> This FOAF has been hospitalized 6 times in the past year for uncontrolled
> BGs.  He's Type 2, and on insulin.  My friend told him about the pump, and
> he is interested in looking into one, but no one at the VA hospital he is
> currently in knows anything at all about pumps, including how to go about
> requisitioning one.  Can someone summarize or point me to info on getting a
> pump through the VA?
> Thanks.
> Sheri
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