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[IP] Re: continuous BG monitoring

I have used the minimed continuous monitor on 3 occasions, twice a 
couple of years ago and once 2 months ago.  My first experience did not 
collect good data, so we tried again a couple of weeks later and got 
much better results.  My endo thinks that results vary greatly 
depending on the insertion.  I found it useful to modify and confirm 
night glucose patterns and overall trends, but also found the device 
pretty uncomfortable.  I experienced bleeding at the site where it was 
inserted part of the time.  It was worthwhile enough that I tried again 
recently, and used it again to help correct basals, this time for my 
afternoons.  Keep in mind the results you get will be delayed by about 
20 minutes from what your finger stick numbers would produce, due to 
the fact that the sugar reaches the monitor by diffusion through the 

I have also used the glucowatch.  This was not as uncomfortable at the 
time, but at the end of the session I found that the current the device 
used produced irritation and a scar on my wrist.  Neither device is 

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