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Re:[IP] Advice needed for pregnant friend

HI Matt,
I'm a pumper, type 1, slowly moving into my 20th week of pregnancy (with a
little boy named Alex)...
Your newly-pregnant friend is experiencing the same highs and lows I
experienced- and I've been under fairly good pump control for 3 years-
One reading will be fine, the next will be high and very resistant to coming
down, then you bottom out--even with the pump it's difficult- and that's the
fun part of early pregnancy...i found my readings to be bizarre the first
few weeks, lots of lows the next few weeks and once i hit week 11 I evened
out-now at almost 20 weeks my requirements have doubled over the last
week...Honestly- I love my pump but all of pregs variables in the beginning
it didn't make a remarkable amount of difference-things are way to
unpredictable and you just do what you can do to keep things as close to
normal as possible without buying stock in glucagon!
She definitely needs to find an endo who will work with her- there are a
million more variables in pregnancy than usual-and not just diabetes
wise...I don't know where you are located but I have a great doc here in
As far as starting the pump now- I know I have been waiting for my new pump
for a long time now-during preconception and once I became pregnant it
actually looked like the insurance might approve it- but the concensus seems
to be- if it ain't broke don't fix it- and that goes for switching even pump
types/brands during pregnancy- even among various medical folks I've
asked...I particularly remember going on to my pump when I was in
preconception 3 years ago (very very long precon!) I had way more ups and
downs especially with hormonal cycles and variables than with shots and that
lasted more than a couple of weeks- in fact my body throws so many loops I
don't think we'll ever iron it all out!  SO that may be where her doc is
coming from- remember most of us here have been through the ups and downs of
starting up along time ago and had not so hot experiences on mdi--if she's
doing well I personally couldn't see taking that big harrowing jump to the
pump with all these extra hormonal and scheduling variables unless her
readings and regiment warranted it-  if they do then she should fight for
Just my 2 cents
Hope everyone is well! Congrats to your friend from me!
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