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Re: [IP] too much testing?

My CDE gave me a copy of a page from the Deltec Cosmo pump book, it appears
to be Pg 07,
anyway there is a graph and chart which shows how BG react over 4 hours,
and a chart 
that shows how much is left and working in 1,2,3 and 4 hours.

It worth getting a hold of.

For example, a 1 unit bolus:

after 1 hr. .7, after 2 hrs. .4, after 3 hrs. .1.

point being after 2 hours 40% of the original bolus is still unused, taking
a further correction
without discounting the remaining bolus will certainly lead to a low BG.

I check between 2.5-3 hrs. later.

Hope this helps,


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>In a message dated 5/23/03 6:11:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes:
>> Why would  a 
>> dr. discourage a diabetic from testing his/her
>> BG at any time? Especially 2 hours after 
>> meals? Any opinions?
>if the diabetic is anal/retentive or obsessive/compulsive at all, and
tests a 
>LOT that is FINE in my opinion, the problem is when you get a diabetic who 
>tests often and CORRECTS too often.  I can see why a doctor might
discourage a 
>person like that from testing so often....AND for "many" diabetics, 2
hours is 
>NOT enough time to meet the peak of humalog or novalog, and certainly not
>enough for diabetics using regular Regular insulin or Velosulin.....These 
>insulins are STILL working 3, 4 and 5 hours after taken, whether it is
with a 
>meal, or as a correction bolus.  To take MORE insulin while there is STILL 
> insulin yet to peak, will put "most" diabetics on a fast track to a low,
>him or her up for the roller coaster....When your blood sugar drops quickly, 
>your body fights back by dumping in counter regulatory hormones to RAISE the 
> blood sugar....so you check in 2 hours and you still aren't perfect so
you take
>MORE insulin, so the body dumps in MORE counter regulatory hormones.  Your 
>body can ONLY handle about a 40-50 point drop per hour without calling in
>sugar RAISERS....
>My "opinion" would be to ASK the doctor why he would suggest such a thing
>if he is honest and says he thinks you might correct too much and he fears
>may see you in the emergency room after you pass out from a low and crash 
>your car into a light post, then I'd say, send me his number - i like honest 
> doctors!!! If he says, "you don't need to test your blood sugar if you are
>what i tell you to eat, and taking the insulin i tell you to eat and working 
>out the way I tell you to," then you can tell him to get with the program
>go find a new doctor....bottom line, find out WHY he feels to the need to
>this and deal with it with facts, and not just OUR opinions
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