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Re: [IP] : Buy or Rent

 >>From: NINA VALENTINO <email @ redacted>
 >>I have a MM 508, which I have been using for 10 months.  MM informed me
 >>that I must now decide if I want to purchase it or rent it.  What are the
 >>opinions on this subject.  Thanks   Nina Valentino

If the pump was just a temporary use item, I'd probably recommend renting 
it. However, since you're probably going to be using it for "at least" the 
next four years (when the warranty expires) or more, you need to figure out 
which method provides the best deal. If renting it is more expensive over 4 
years than purchasing it, then the choice should be obvious. Also, you need 
to figure out if your insurance will help cover the cost, if you purchase 
it. They may not help at all for a rental. But, every policy is different, 
and you need to check your coverage.

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