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Re: [IP] AccuCheck Meters

I have used the accuchek complete since being diagnosed. I have a little
accuchek that I use as backup but I love the complete. I don't use all
the features anymore but they are still there in case I want to again.
I carry a backpack everywhere I go, so the meter could be huge & it
wouldn't matter to me.
I don't really know any better than the time it takes to give a reading.
I always heard it was more accurate so I didn't complain. & besides what
was I going to do that minute anyway :)
I am on my second version of the complete  the blue lit background is
way easier to read.
The software is really cool but I can't get it to do anything with
anything other than blood/glucose readings. The exercise, insulin,
carbs, . just get left off to the side as far as I've been able to
figure out. But the charts & graphs for b/g readings both on the meter &
the PC are really helpful!
& I love the comfort curve strips!

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