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Re: [IP] One touch ultra smart

I used to use the accuchek complete but switched two years ago because the
Ultra uses less blood and only takes 5 seconds for results.  I currently use
the Ultrasmart
> I have been using the accuchek complete since I was diagnosed a few years
> back. I like it but its too hard to get to some of the features like carbs &
> insulin & the software doesn't seem to support that data.
The software for the complete will allow you to print the data but only if
you print a diary report.
> I just asked my doctor what meter he uses & he told me minimed should be
> coming out with a really neat one soon but I don't have the paradigm like he
> does.
> He suggested maybe I use the One touch ultra smart. The website makes it
> look really cool. It appears to have all the neat things the complete does
> but way easier to access & use.
  The Ultrasmart will let you get averages for TDD, your average of food
intake per meal (you can enter in carb, fat, calories, and protein), insulin
averages, bg averages, and health check (Ketones, HbAic, Microalbumin,
Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, date of Eye Exam, date of Foot Exam,
Weight/Height, date of Dr. Visit).  You can not enter in what your current
basal rates are only your TDD (yes I already called and complained) so you
can not track basal rates or changes you might make with temp basals unless
you write them down on paper.  The Ultrasmart is smaller than the complete
with more memory and they both use the same batteries. Two AAA's.  You still
have to hold the button down to make it scroll up or down for entering
numbers, but it does remember the last thing entered.  I do like the
software for the ultrasmart better (easier to use and read) when it creates
a graph it then connects the dots with a line where the complete software
does not.  It is easier to access the different things because of the fast
access buttons and you can enter events that are for a previous time.

I really like my Ultrasmart because I can keep better records instead of
writing it down because I keep loosing either the logbook or the pencil is
no where to be found at that time.  I do hope that this information is not
too long and that it does help you.

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