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Re: [IP] Advice needed for pregnant friend

I just had a baby in January and am T1.  My endo was encouraging me to go on 
the pump.  If I had to do it ll over again, I would definitely go on the 

Tell your friend what she needs is an endo willing to work with her.  Her 
current endo is not willing to go the extra mile to see what could make her 
pregnancy easier.

BG will fluctuate big time for no apparent reasons and sometimes not easy to 
control on injections.


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>Subject: [IP] Advice needed for pregnant friend
>Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 17:23:52 -0500
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>A friend of mine at work was diagnosed as a Type One about six months ago,
>and just found out about 2 weeks ago that she's pregnant. She's currently
>taking Lantis (sp?) once a day and Humalog with every meal, and so far has
>had pretty good control.
>This friend is very interested in switching to an insulin pump, but her new
>doctor (at her clinic they transfer all pregnant diabetics to the same 
>refused to consider a pump for her until after she gives birth. Her
>reasoning is that her BGs are controlled pretty well now, and there's no
>need to change something and add another variable to the mix.
>From talking with her this morning, it sounds like her BGs are getting a 
>tougher to control. Not outrageous, but she mentioned that yesterday she 
>at 175 two hours after a meal, did her standard correction (1 unit drops 
>about 75 points), and then was at 50 a short time later.
>I'm sure there are some pumpers out here that went on the pump when they
>were pregnant, or were on it before, during, and after the pregnancy. I 
>I've heard of women that have been forced onto a pump when they found out
>they were pregnant, in an effort for better control.
>If there's anyone out there who's willing/interested in emailing with this
>friend of mine about some of these issues, please let me know, or reply to
>the list to answer the broader questions of whether or not a pump should be
>considered for her now. She's in her 7th week of pregnancy.
>Thanks --
>Matt Braun
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