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[IP] Question about timing of checking BG

Hi all,
My brother is a recently diagnosed diabetic 
who was on oral meds until about 2 months 
ago. He is now on MDI, Lantus in the evening
 and humalog on a sliding scale before 
breakfast and dinner depending on his BG. The 
endo he went to (also my endo), put him on
 insulin after his Bg's went crazy on the oral meds. Anyway, he went back to his
 doctor today with a few questions and after being on insulin and off oral meds
completely for about 3 weeks now, the gp told
him that it wasn't necessary for him to be 
checking his BG 2 hours after a meal. He said 
that what mattered most was his waking BG's in 
the am, before dinner and before bed. This
just seemed out of line to me. Why would  a 
dr. discourage a diabetic from testing his/her
BG at any time? Especially 2 hours after 
meals? Any opinions?
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