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Re: [IP] Atkins diet and pumping

I heard some people with diabetes using the "maintenance plan" of the Adkins
diet and doing ok.
I, myself just reduce carbs by cutting back on portion sizes (bread,
potatoes, pasta and rice using all whole grain rather than white) and eating
more fruits and veggies. With the pump, you can cut back on carbs - the
extra carbs seem to make me gain weight. With age, people tend to be more
sedentary or are not growing like children are growing, needing less food.
Cutting back on the carbs (by 1/2 or 3/4) has helped me out a lot. I may get
hungry later but just make healthier snack choices like an apple or baby
carrots. It is really good for me packing some apples or carrots and having
them for later - when I do feel hungry forcing me to make the healthier
choice rather than those potato chips (pretzels in moderation are a
healthier choice than potato chips).
Weight watchers teaches eating fruits and veggies, then meat then potatoes.
When I do that, I do not eat as much potatoes because I filled up on the
fruits/veggies/meat (leaner variety - chicken breast or leaner beast
choices). It is all good for your heart anyway. Adkins, I think suggests
bacon which makes no sense to me on any diet plan. Adkins plan is also hard
on a person's kidneys, people with diabetes need to prevent stress on
kidneys. Sharon B
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Subject: [IP] Atkins diet and pumping

> Has anyone tried the Atkins diet while pumping? What were you
> difficulties, successes, did it work?  I have tried many other diets,
> and wanted to try this one, since others have not worked very well.
> Any/most advice would be welcome!
> Marby Lee
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