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Re: [IP] Re: MIT Sloan students .. -- now Type 2

Jan wrote:
>Told her to take her BG when
>she felt like that in the daytime as exercise will lower it. She said, "I
>don't think so." The others agreed with her!!! So, what do *I* know???? I'm
>just a *user* for 52.5 years. ;-) I told her it was a proven fact exercise
>lowers BG. She just looked at me and kind of sloughed me off. 

Sigh, I was trying not to get into this topic, but I can't resist. Being T2, 
I understand the mentality. I will say that I never received any "tips" as 
such during the first few years as being diabetic, as I didn't know any other 
 diabetics, but also because I never told anyone I was diabetic. Being
and having to deal with a lot of prejudice most of my life, I wasn't inclined 
to give anyone any other reason for slander. 
Basically, I do think it is part of the physicians who are not doing enough 
education. My personal experience was good in the fact the physician I was 
seeing at the time sent me immediately to a nutrionist, eye doctor, etc for 
 evaluation. But other than that it was follow the diet and take your oral meds.
However, a big part of the lady's response was likely due to denial that 
 there is a problem, that she is diabetic. I feel that many T2's are really
support, such as this wonderful site, and while they are given the basic 
 information, it doesn't truly sink in. Also, it is hard to "see" and "get"
of your blood sugar, I feel, on oral meds as you take the same dose daily, or 
twice daily, and then you "control" the reactions with food. BUT .....who 
 eats exactly the same foods in the same proportions at the same time every day?
And we all know that each food has a different reaction for each of us. No one 
likes to feel out of control, and for newer T2 diabetics, there is an immense 
amount of pressure to "get instant" control when starting oral meds. 
I feel sorry for the lady. 
Pride cometh before the fall, and for many people, it is really hard to admit 
there is a problem, that they are not perfect and not in complete control of 
their bodies. It is definitely a learning process in which the learning curve 
really need not be so long or slow. I know for me it was several years, in 
fact more like almost 4 years before I ever talked with another diabetic and 
 began learning. I knew nothing about support groups and no one ever recommended
even suggested that there was such a thing. 
I hope that we all continue to spread the word and support other diabetics 
out there, be it T1 or T2. Try not to be discourged when a T2 ignores your 
friendlyness. They just don't know or are afraid to know. 
Thanks to all the wonderful IP supporters, Tina H
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