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[IP] Quick-Set MM

I have been using the Quickset's for about 4 months now.  I love them.
They take a little getting used to.
When I first started using them I thought I was going to pull the site out
of my skin.  After about 2 weeks one day I just got it.
Don't know how or what I do now but it is easy as pie.  If you keep having
problems I would call MM and have them send you some new ones.
They definitely take some getting used to.

Good Luck.   :)

 recently switched from "comfort" sets to MiniMed
Quick-sets.  While they insert easily and painlessly,
I am having trouble disconnecting and especially
re-connecting for a shower.  The little circle doesn't
want to move to the "lock" position.  I have varied
the amount of pressure on the little clips, but that
hasn't helped.  And I've noticed that some of the sets
are easier than others.  Has anyone else had this
problem and is there a "cure"? -- or is this a design
flaw in the Quick-set.  I am getting frustrated!!  I
love the insertion, but don't know if it is worth the
struggle with those silly circles.  I wish they would
have made the little "tail" on these sets that just
unscrews!!  Any advice?
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