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Re: [IP] Teaching those close to you

What about going over your pump tutorial with him? I sat down and went 
though the tutorial with my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. We had a lot 
of fun, and she really retained most of the info.

Keep up the quizzing every now and then and maybe offer to let him give you 
a bolus before dinner together or something along those lines.

Good Luck.


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>Hello all,
>  I am finally going to sit down with my boyfriend of 3 years and teach him
>everything about pumping. He is an EMT-B (taking the EMT-I class) and works in
>an ER. He knows exactly what to do in an emergancy. But I am thinking that he
>should know how to insert an infusion set, suspend, bolus, ect. He has seen me
>insert an infusion set a zillion times, and has filled up the resivor for me.
>But my question is this: What exactly should i teach him? My thinking is that
>when I am sick it would be so helpful if he knew what to do. Eric is a
>sweetheart and ready and willing to learn all of this. He knows how much i 
>having to stay up all night correcting a high bg or watching my bgs all night
>while im sick. To have him be capable to help out a bit would take such a huge
>load off of me.
>  On another note. In his EMT-Intermediate class (which is the old Paramedic
>class here in IL) his teacher during the Diabetes class talked about the pump!
>She stressed to the class to NEVER EVER EVER TURN OFF THE PUMP! She said that
>they don't teach EMS workers how the pump works so that they won't be 
>tempted to
>turn it off. Eric called me as soon as class got out and told me about it. 
>I was
>so thrilled!
>Thank you in advance for any advice,
>dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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