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[IP] Teaching those close to you

Hello all,

 I am finally going to sit down with my boyfriend of 3 years and teach him
everything about pumping. He is an EMT-B (taking the EMT-I class) and works in
an ER. He knows exactly what to do in an emergancy. But I am thinking that he
should know how to insert an infusion set, suspend, bolus, ect. He has seen me
insert an infusion set a zillion times, and has filled up the resivor for me.
But my question is this: What exactly should i teach him? My thinking is that
when I am sick it would be so helpful if he knew what to do. Eric is a
sweetheart and ready and willing to learn all of this. He knows how much i hate
having to stay up all night correcting a high bg or watching my bgs all night
while im sick. To have him be capable to help out a bit would take such a huge
load off of me.

 On another note. In his EMT-Intermediate class (which is the old Paramedic
class here in IL) his teacher during the Diabetes class talked about the pump!
She stressed to the class to NEVER EVER EVER TURN OFF THE PUMP! She said that
they don't teach EMS workers how the pump works so that they won't be tempted to
turn it off. Eric called me as soon as class got out and told me about it. I was
so thrilled!

Thank you in advance for any advice,

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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