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Re: [IP] Animas users-howd'ya like your pumps?

On Thu, 22 May 2003 21:46:37 -0700, Andrew Andersen

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> I started on a Disetronic H-tron for 4 years, then had
> a Minimed 507c 
> for the last 4.  My Minimed is now malfunctioning--it
> keeps a basal but 
> the bolus function results in an error message.  So I
> have to replace 
> it pretty quick (insurance will replace it), since I'm
> now doing all 
> boluses by injection.  I'm leaning toward an Animas
> my next pump, 
> and I'm wondering how those using this pump find it
> working out.  I 
> really haven't seen anything negative about this pump
> at all, and am 
> very impressed by what I've read and by the rep I
> talked with.  My main 
> questions. . .
> 1.  Has it proved reliable?
> 2.  Have they provided good service, both in ordering
> supplies and in 
> any pump difficulties encountered?
> 3.  Are there any quirky irritating things that you
> have run into, that 
> you just wouldn't think about until you're on it?
> I will be deciding in the next week and a half, when I
> meet with my 
> doctor.  Thanks for your input!
>Hi Andrew,
 I am new to this site as well to the Animas Pump. I
have been pumping for 3 weeks now and have had no
problems. The Rep. in my area has been wonderful also
the trainer. she is also a Animas Pump user so it
worked out well. I think the only thing I can say that
I didn't like was the infusions sets....they in on a
angle and my wrists don't have the movement for that so
now I am using the MiniMed infusion set with my Animas
Pump and everything is working out great !

  Good Luck   Cory  

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