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[IP] Re: Heidi going off the pump.

Heidi wrote:
--- Heidi Vogan <email @ redacted> wrote:
> There comes a time in the lives of a small
> percentage
> of the pumpers out there,when going off the pump
> becomes a necessity.Don't get me wrong,I am still
> 100%
> for pumping,its great.(when it works)I've pumped for
> over 2 years,and both my overall control and general
> health were better for it.But,for the past three
> weeks
> I have been assailed by insulin
> resistance(sudden,out
> of the blue) which has jacked up my normal 25> TDD
> to
> twice that,and has remained in the 200-300 range
> despite all out efforts(set changing,set
> switching,new
> insulin)Right now I'm not interested in the cause of
> it,though my endo thinks it is stress,I'm just
> interested in something that will let me feel half
> alive again.I'm going to Lantus and Novolog,a
> combination I've never tried and which might end up
> worse then this-but its worth a shot.In 7 weeks,my
> endo will reevaluate things to see about going back
> to
> the pump but I gotta get stuff worked out with this
> resistence stuff right nowl.
> If anyone out there has had insulin resistance(not
> sickness related)I'd be interested in hearing of
> your
> experiences.
>         Heidi(a burned out type 1 on her way to also

Heidi - You say you aren't interested in the cause,
but let me just say:  My A1c last time was 6.2.  I bet
the next one will be higher.  And I think I know why. 
I was guilty of injecting insulin in the left side of
my abdomen for years - don't know why - it was just
the easiest, quickest place for me.  I think that is
why I ended up on the pump anyway, because I was so
out-of-control.  I blamed it on hormones also for
about 2 years and even had a hysterectomy!!  It didn't
change anything!!  The last time I changed out my pump
I used the left side of my abdomen as the site.  My
blood sugars were 200-400 and that was using a lot
more insulin.  I thought after two years that site
would have "healed", but I think I ruined it for good.
 I changed my pump site, and lo and behold, my sugars
improved -- So after this long-winded dissertation my
question to you is, how well do you vary your
insertion sites?  Have you tried that?  I took me a
long time to get this pump business figured out, and I
still have rough spots, but many people on this list
helped me through it.  Hang in there!!!


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