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Re: [IP] very interesting article.

Regarding all of the "hype" against aspartame.  Most of the information 
regarding aspartame and it's negative effects have found to be just 
plain false, and perhaps even lies, as is the case of a very famous e-
mail letter that was circulating the internet several years ago.  

In fact, some very recent research has proven that there are no 
negative long-term affects of aspartame use.  The only REAL study I've 
seen that had any evidence of problems was one that showed that heavy 
aspartame use increased short-term memory loss.  While I believe to 
have experienced this myself, it was not a huge problem...and, more 
recent research indicates that it might not be the case at all...but 
that by merely suggesting it causes short-term memory loss tricks the 
brain into "noticing" all of the times we forget something, and then 
place the blame on aspartame.  (Although, in my case, I went off of 
aspartame for a while and noticed a marked improvement in my short-term 
memory...but, alas, I went back to aspartame use again...where did I 
put those keys again?)

Anyhow, any information against aspartame is old and outdated.  Also, 
Stevia is available as a sweetner, though typically you can only find 
it in health-food stores.  With all of the options today, there is 
little to worry about:  Saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame-potassium, 
sucralose, etc.

One thing that IS true is that switching to diet drinks in place of 
regular won't help you to lose weight alone.  Diet drinks, since they 
provide NO nutritive value at all, do not "satiate" at all, so you will 
continue to have cravings.  WHile regular drinks have added 
calories/sugar, they will typically make one feel fuller and more 
satisfied due to those carbs, and so they are less likely to eat/snack 
on other foods, etc.  But, it really isn't because there is anything 
about artificial sweetners that cause cravings...just due to the nature 
that the artificial sweetners don't provide any nutrients to satiate 
the cravings.  

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