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[IP] palm pilot programs

  I use Diabetes Pilot (www.diabetespilot.com).  I found that I wasn't taking 
good logbook notes, if any, so I tried out the palm pilot edition just so I 
 would track things I ate, plus I needed help counting carbs more accurately and
this program has a great food database.  I found it very useful just with the 
 palm program. Then a few months ago, they came out with a desktop version that
you can sync with your palm.  So, now I save everything on my computer and I 
 can look back on my progress in an instant. My endo loves the printouts that I
bring to my apts.  And I love the fact that I can make graphs and see how I am 
doing really quickly and not have to make sense of numbers scribbled on a page.

  And the diabetes pilot doesn't lock you into a meter or pump, you just need a
palm pilot.

Good luck!!

 - Melissa
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