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Re: [IP] Continuous Glucose Monitor ?

I was on the CGMS for 3 days last week. This had no real time read out, but
took 288 glucose
readings per day. During the 3 days no changes were made to the basal or
boluses. I did what 
i normally do. I did have to do at least 4 finger sticks daily to calibrate
the unit, and record
on the form they gave me the finger sticks, when i ate and took a bolus.

The only down side as mentioned was taking a shower, you use a plastic bag
they provide 
which is a little clumsy.

I have an appointment with my CDE today she should have the results, should
be interesting.


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>THIS is what you want, I want it too.
>Here's the link:
>This is what it says:
> <TheraSense has under development a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device
>designed to continuously monitor glucose levels, raise alarms at
>glucose values and store these results for future analysis by the user or a
> Our Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device is designed to be minimally
>It will utilize a disposable, miniaturized electrochemical sensor that can be
>easily inserted under the skin by the user using a spring-loaded insertion
> The TheraSense Continuous Glucose Monitor is intended to be a substitute for
>current glucose self-monitoring devices.
> Our goal is to provide a wireless system. A small low-power transmitter
>co-located with the sensor sends data to the handheld receiver unit. This
>receiver displays glucose levels, trends, monitors alarm thresholds and
can be
>conveniently carried in a pocket, a purse or left on a nightstand while
> Untethered by wires, the device is designed to accurately and discreetly
>measure glucose levels without the recurring pain and hassle of traditional
>finger stick testing.
> Our Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device is designed to offer people with
>diabetes the following benefits:
>Accurate and discreet measurement of glucose levels on a continuous basis 
> Elimination of the anxiety of not knowing glucose levels between periodic
>Minimally invasive insertion procedure 
>Comfortable to wear during use 
>Warnings against dangerously high or low glucose levels, even while sleeping 
>Have a disposable sensor that lasts for several days 
>Use a 1-point calibration to provide continuous accurate glucose readings 
> Ability to improve health through intensively managed therapy from
>glucose information
> We expect that the increased number of glucose readings will allow people
>diabetes and their healthcare providers to more effectively adjust
insulin, oral
>medication, diet and exercise.
> For more information on the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device, please
>our Continuous Glucose Monitor FAQs section.>>
>Hope this helps,
>Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
>western Massachusetts
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