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[IP] Continuous Glucose Monitor ?

THIS is what you want, I want it too.

Here's the link:


This is what it says:

 <TheraSense has under development a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device
designed to continuously monitor glucose levels, raise alarms at predetermined
glucose values and store these results for future analysis by the user or a

 Our Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device is designed to be minimally invasive.
It will utilize a disposable, miniaturized electrochemical sensor that can be
easily inserted under the skin by the user using a spring-loaded insertion

 The TheraSense Continuous Glucose Monitor is intended to be a substitute for
current glucose self-monitoring devices.

 Our goal is to provide a wireless system. A small low-power transmitter
co-located with the sensor sends data to the handheld receiver unit. This
receiver displays glucose levels, trends, monitors alarm thresholds and can be
conveniently carried in a pocket, a purse or left on a nightstand while

 Untethered by wires, the device is designed to accurately and discreetly
measure glucose levels without the recurring pain and hassle of traditional
finger stick testing.

 Our Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device is designed to offer people with
diabetes the following benefits:

Accurate and discreet measurement of glucose levels on a continuous basis 
 Elimination of the anxiety of not knowing glucose levels between periodic
Minimally invasive insertion procedure 
Comfortable to wear during use 
Warnings against dangerously high or low glucose levels, even while sleeping 
Have a disposable sensor that lasts for several days 
Use a 1-point calibration to provide continuous accurate glucose readings 
 Ability to improve health through intensively managed therapy from continuous
glucose information
 We expect that the increased number of glucose readings will allow people with
diabetes and their healthcare providers to more effectively adjust insulin, oral
medication, diet and exercise.

 For more information on the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device, please visit
our Continuous Glucose Monitor FAQs section.>>

Hope this helps,


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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