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[IP] Re: MIT Sloan students .. -- now Type 2 diabetes

Jan, I agree with everything you said.  And this is my concern.  The Type 2s 
that I know are people I care about, but not extremely close to me (eg my 
 cousin across the country, the father of my best friend from teenage days,
I don't think they are getting the best of care, but people don't always like 
to hear things from other people and tend to believe only what nurses or 
doctors tell them.  

For example, my cousin.  Saw her last summer and she had just been dx'ed Type 
2.   She has been morbidly obese for over 30 years.  The doctor had her try a 
few months of "diet" to see if that would control the bgs.  Well she showed 
me her log book (she was testing at least 3 times a day) and her numbers were 
jumping all over the place.  It was pretty obvious to me that "diet" wasn't 
going to help things in her case.  There we were with Claire as a Type 1 for a 
 big birthday celebration and Claire could eat all the cheese cake she wanted
just bolus for it.  My cousin is now on oral meds, but I don't know how well 
they are working.  I had told her last summer that if insulin was suggested, 
 not to balk at the idea, as it could make things easier. I'm no expert on Type
2, but I just hate to see people not have the best treatment.  While we were 
living in Ireland a friend came to me in a panic because her father-in-law 
found he needed his foot amputated.  The family, who were quite devastated, 
 thought maybe a second opinion outside of the NHS might improve the prognosis.
asked if he had been testing his bgs.  They didn't think so, but it turned out 
he had a meter, just never used it.  Strips are free in the UK.....Its so very 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> , too, know type 2s who are proud that they have managed to keep themselves 
> off of insulin. They're not having a lot of fun, either, rolling turkey in a 
> lettuce leaf as a sandwich and such. The diebetologist I know who is type 2 
> put
> himself on insulin as initial therapy. He said it was the best "medicine" to 
> control BGs and  did not have the side effects of orals.  
> BTW, I asked to be put on insulin. My doc was trying pill after pill after 
> pill and nothing was working. Know what my A1C was when I first went on
> insulin?
> 17.4. I didn't feel very well. I should have been put on insulin long before 
> reaching that stage.
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