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Re: [IP] Animas users-howd'ya like your pumps?

>I started on a Disetronic H-tron for 4 years, then had a Minimed 
>507c for the last 4.  My Minimed is now malfunctioning--it keeps a 
>basal but the bolus function results in an error message.  So I have 
>to replace it pretty quick (insurance will replace it), since I'm 
>now doing all boluses by injection.  I'm leaning toward an Animas 
>for my next pump, and I'm wondering how those using this pump find 
>it working out.  I really haven't seen anything negative about this 
>pump at all, and am very impressed by what I've read and by the rep 
>I talked with.  My main questions. . .
>1.  Has it proved reliable?

Rock Solid, just like my old H-trons, but with more features.  I love 
being able to time temp basals and boluses.

>2.  Have they provided good service, both in ordering supplies and 
>in any pump difficulties encountered?

As dependable as Disetronic, but locally the support is even stronger.

>3.  Are there any quirky irritating things that you have run into, 
>that you just wouldn't think about until you're on it?

The alarms.  Whoever programmed that needs to be tied to a stake and 
have a set of pumps stuck in their ears.  The alarm "reminder" is 
much too frequent.  Maybe they've fixed it, they should.

"you can have my pump when you can pry it from my cold, dead hands" 
Charlton Hetson, NPA
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