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Re: [IP] Re: MIT Sloan students win MIT $50K Entrepreneurial Competition

In a message dated 5/22/03 10:56:33 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> , 
>     I know that you are much more knowledgeable about this than I am, but 
> I am curious.  I have known quite a number of Type 2s and not one of them 
> was 
> taking insulin. Do you think this is just poor-doctoring?  Some of these 
> people have been "proud" of themselves for being able to control their 
> diabetes
> without insulin.  But perhaps it may be better for their health to take the 
> insulin?  None have ever known what their HbA1c was when I asked, but they  
> do 
> check their bgs.   

Hi Barbara

Oh, don't get me started on docs and type 2s. :-) One of my favorite docs is 
a diebetologist who is also a type 2 who has patients come to him begging him 
to help them get their BGs under control so they won't lose their leg like 
Uncle Ernie. 

Lemme ask you: When do they check their BGs? I was talking to a PhD once who 
told me his BGs were "excellent -- they average about 130." When I asked what 
his A1C was, he mentioned a number way too high for a 130 average BG. Turns 
 out he was only checking on Saurday mornings. When I told him to start checking
at different times of the day, he was amazed. Are they sure they are in 
 control, or has their doc been telling them that their numbers are "OK," but
have no idea what "OK" really is?

I think docs do not take type 2 seriously. I think they do not send type 2s 
for education. I think they do not encourage tight control in type 2. I think 
that most type 2s go to family practice docs who have no idea how to treat 
diabetes. My husband's family practice doc told him: "Oh. Your fasting is 160. 
 We're going to have to keep an eye on that." I hit the roof. This was just a
months ago, Barbara - not back in the dark ages.

I, too, know type 2s who are proud that they have managed to keep themselves 
off of insulin. They're not having a lot of fun, either, rolling turkey in a 
 lettuce leaf as a sandwich and such. The diebetologist I know who is type 2 put
himself on insulin as initial therapy. He said it was the best "medicine" to 
control BGs and  did not have the side effects of orals.  

BTW, I asked to be put on insulin. My doc was trying pill after pill after 
 pill and nothing was working. Know what my A1C was when I first went on
17.4. I didn't feel very well. I should have been put on insulin long before 
reaching that stage.

I'm shutting up now.

Jan and ElvisToo
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