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Re: [IP] Betty Martini

>To those of you not familiar with the name on my subject line,
>At some point or another she always pops up quoting the evils of aspartame.
>She is a woman on a mission but she never has anything to back up her claims
>except her own writings.  When I see her name I always sigh and think "here we
>go again" because a whole bunch of people who have never seen her articles
>start getting freaked out.  Her mission seems to be to scare the heck out of
>Just my opinion,

Not just your opinion, Shannon.  Betty is well known through her 
infamy on misc.health.diabetes   She is so widely known that she has 
reached the Top 25 List of Urban Legends and Netlore.  Matter of 
fact, she is worse than a Virus Hoax.   And the way she misconstrues 
facts and tarnished the good name of the MS Society was truly 
despicable.  AFAIK, she is completely "Off-Topic" for this list.  A 
"persona" EXTREMELY "non grata", a Troll.

If anyone else wishes to talk about Betty, aka Nancy Markle, aka Mark 
Golden and other questionable persons and such "scientific facts", 
you are free to do so on the Spirit list.  Please do not discuss such 
a vile person and inflammatory subject on the Main List.  You might 
receive dispensation and possible redemption on Spirit.    :>)


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