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[IP] Re: "Eh" you, my Canadian friends

No, $25 for 10 ml is a much better deal, as I am only getting 15 ml in total 
for $60.  I am going to check again to see if I can now buy the 10ml vials of 
Novorapid.  However, I have 5 boxes of penfill to get through first!

Claire uses the H-tron pump, and the reservoirs hold 315 units.  So I just 
 fill it with the 300 units from the penfill cartridges. Previously, when using
Humalog in a vial, I just filled each with 333 units, it seemed to fit in.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9

> that actually sounds like a better deal, since my $25 vial has only 10ml in
> it.  which reservoir are you filling?  i'm curious to know, since i was told
> that the paradigm reservoirs only fit the vials, and not the cartridges (fit
> as in fit snugly and properly).
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