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Re: [IP] glycemic index a Theory ??

A number of drugs and a number of Insulin's are unpredicable and variable on
me and many others (YMMV).  Does that make Prescription Medicine's and
Insulin a "Theory" too ?

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Sent: Friday, May 23, 2003 2:22 AM
Subject: [IP] glycemic index and the alcohol phenomenon

> The glycemic index theory is still a theory. It is known to be
> and variable. (YMMV)  It is also applied to foods, not alcoholic
> If your liver is busy detoxifying alcohol, any insulin available will
> lower BG, and prevent the liver from releasing glucose to bring up your
> Another thing to consider is the usual lack of a glucagon response.
> production is often diminished or nonexistent (dependent on the duration
> diabetes and also highly variable) in people with Type 1 diabetes.
> You might want to propose to a clinical researcher or medical school that
> they study this phenomenon. I was unable to locate more detailed info.
> Best regards,
> BarbaraB
>  >But what explains the sudden and massive drop in bg when you've had too
>  much to drink? The glycemic index minimizes a raise in bg but doesn't
lower bg.
> The phenomenon I'm talking about can lower you bg from well over 250 to 50
> a very short while. I am certain from experience that my basal rate and
>  residual insulin or bolus were not the catalysts or even factors of this
> extreme
> drop in bg which I call it the alcohol phenomenon. <
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