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Re: [IP] MIT Sloan students win MIT $50K Entrepreneurial Competition

In a message dated 5/22/03 5:36:36 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> T-2s have insulin resistance
> and often take upwards of 200 units a day. Most Type 1's take <50u a day.
> YMMV!!!!! (I said *most* and *upwards* and *YMMV*.) <VBG>

YMMV or not, I don't believe I would say that type 2s "often take upwards of 
200 unts a day." I know a lot of type 2s and can count on one hand the number 
who take more than, say, 70 units per day. A couple of 3 on this list, plus 
 one that my endo once mentioned are the only ones I know of who take "upwards
200 units per day."

I generally take fewer than 50 units per day myself and I'm type 2. I am 
 taking more now since I quit smoking and gained weight, but that is starting to
come down as the pounds come off.

Jan and ElvisToo 
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