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Re: [IP] very interesting article.

My question about both the articles is: They claim aspartame causes blood
sugars to go out of control? To me regular or sugared sodas and candy would
cause the diabetics sugar levels. Also I know some people at work that
cannot tolerate sugar free anything because it gives them a headache or an
upset stomach as well as another person with multiple sclerosis that will
not drink anything with aspartame in it at all. Geez what alternative do we
have? Drink regular soda, Juice, etc and bolus for it or drink water only? I
think regular soda tastes terrible and will not drink it even though I can
bolus for it! Sharon
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Subject: Re: [IP] very interesting article.

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>   Subject: [IP] very interesting article.
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> Hello, this is my first time posting.  I just went and read this article,
> while it really sounded quite interesting and hopeful for diabetics and
all, I
> did a little digging and thought I should point out that this article is
> written by a lady who belongs to an organization that is dedicated to
quote '
> "spreading the word that aspartame is a toxic poison unfit for human
> consumption." ' end quote.  So I'm not sure if this article can truely be
> taken for face value.  I found an article at www.snopes.com concerning the
> article's author one Betty Martini and a letter she wrote about Aspertame
> was being passed around the internet a few years back.  That article is
> http://www.snopes.com/toxins/aspartam.htm
> So yes while that article is intersting,  is it really what it is saying
> is?  I would be very interested in seeing anything else related to this.
> anyone else have any information about this alternitive sweetner "Stevia"?
> Thank you so much!
> Jaymie
> dx'd at age 24 - T1 - Pumping since Feb '02
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