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[IP] Continuous Glucose Monitor ?

Hi. I've got a question for those of you who have used the three day 
 continuous glucose monitoring device, made by minimed I believe (the name
escapes me
right now). I'm scheduled to get "hooked up" tomorrow and am wondering about 
how others have used it.

Did you eat and etc. as normal? Or did you do fasting basal checks? or?? I 
want the thing for every day, not just three days grr....I'm thinking I may at 
least want to do fasting to check my nighttime basals. My night time 
 bloodsugars have been screwed up of late, to say the least. I wake up one night
at 36
(and eat the entire kitchen before I've totally woken up). And the next night, 
 things are perfectly fine...I have not found a reliable way to wake up to check
myself in the middle of the night (I set the alarm, I don't hear the alarm, I 
don't wake up, I sleep like a rock).

Jen Ward
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