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Re: [IP] Use on insulin in T2

I wrote this as I had to fight from day 1 for insulin.
 IMO, there may be some Drs. who want to start some Type 2's on insulin, at
least to
 bring their Bgs down into a more normal range, then switch them to Orals for
 control. There are many pts who do not have problems with Orals & they do work
for them.  Don't forget, there are many different types of Type 2 .
More is being learned about different types of Type 2.  Orals are invented to
accommodate specific things, making one type pill work better for someone than
 another. A one size fit all pill will not fit everyone. Insulin is a drug that
takes education, it can be a killer, IMO.  Linda K

> >pharmaceutical research dollars are spent on drugs to treat Type 2, which
> have little or no relevance to people with Type 1 ...
> >There are more Type 2s' than Type 1s'.
> >I think they want to slow down the use of insulin in Type 2's. Linda K
> thought the trend was to put MOre T2's on insulin sooner,
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