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Re: [IP] Use on insulin in T2

>pharmaceutical research dollars are spent on drugs to treat Type 2, which
>little or no relevance to people with Type 1 ...

>There are more Type 2s' than Type 1s'.
>I think they want to slow down the use of insulin in Type 2's. Linda K 

Linda, why would they want to slow down the use of insulin in T2's. I am 
afraid I am not quite understanding. 
Personally, all the oral drugs I was on created so many side effects, many 
 with additional risk of damage to the liver and kidney's.That is in addition to
the fact that diabetes alone is enough risk .  With all the oral drugs, I 
never gained really good control. Finally with insulin, I gained much better 
 control, and now with the pump, I am pleased to say I am in excellent control.
actually thought the trend was to put MOre T2's on insulin sooner, to decrease 
the risk of damage to the body's organs. 
Not trying to argue, just somewhat confused (as if life doesn't keep me 
confused enough <grin>)

Tina H. dxd 5/94 at age 28,
Insulin 8/97, pump 4/03
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