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[IP] glycemic index and the alcohol phenomenon

The glycemic index theory is still a theory. It is known to be unpredictable 
and variable. (YMMV)  It is also applied to foods, not alcoholic beverages.
If your liver is busy detoxifying alcohol, any insulin available will still 
lower BG, and prevent the liver from releasing glucose to bring up your BG. 
Another thing to consider is the usual lack of a glucagon response. Glucagon 
production is often diminished or nonexistent (dependent on the duration of 
diabetes and also highly variable) in people with Type 1 diabetes.

You might want to propose to a clinical researcher or medical school that 
they study this phenomenon. I was unable to locate more detailed info.

Best regards,

 >But what explains the sudden and massive drop in bg when you've had too 
 much to drink? The glycemic index minimizes a raise in bg but doesn't lower bg.
The phenomenon I'm talking about can lower you bg from well over 250 to 50 in 
a very short while. I am certain from experience that my basal rate and 
 residual insulin or bolus were not the catalysts or even factors of this
drop in bg which I call it the alcohol phenomenon. <
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