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Re: [IP] Traveling by train

There's no security and there's no real response if you need any thing. You 
just have to pretend you're on a deserted island and you have to take care 
of your diabetes.
Last year I took the Zepher from San Jose to New York. It's about 4 days 
worth of traveling. Train travel is fun but Amtrak is in such pathetic 

Make sure you take your medical supplies and food. You wont be able to 
access anything that you check on to the baggage car. If you have a medical 
emergency it might take quite a while to actually find a conductor who 
could help.

I didn't feel unsafe. Even if you are in the cars in a seat, there wasn't 
much of a problem. Depending on how far you travel, you end up making 
friends with the people who you sit next to for several days, and everybody 
sort of keeps an eye on everybody's stuff.  But yeah it's always possible 
that there's some terrorist attack on a train just like any thing else.

There's also no guarantee that there will be food on the train. There are a 
lot of foods you can take with you. If you do buy the meals, they are VERY 
good, but also very expensive.
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