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Re: [IP] OMG - This is Big!

Are you (or anyone) aware of any way to donate directly to a certain 
research project? I don't give to charities, as too many are mismanaged, 
and not enough donation monies make it to research.

I am in Canada and as such, my opinions reflect upon Canadian Charities.



>What can we help advance research? Write your representative about supporting
>Diabetes research. Contact organizations such as JDRF and the ADA. I know
>  that JDRF has a program to write letters to your representatives. Donate
>amount of money you can. Since the economy is doing poorly so are charities.
>Give what you can. When an organization doesn't have enough funds they can't
>support grants, which stalls advancement in finding a cure and prevention of
>  Diabetes. So without money researchers like Dr. Ricordi won't be able to
>to the stage where he can do clinical trials on humans which will mean a cure
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