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Re: [IP] OMG - This is Big!


 My mom is actually friends with Dr. Ricordi.  I wish I had known about the 
chat! But to answer your question, researchers are working hard to get to the 
 point where they can do clinical trials on humans. one of the biggest issues is
 that the current immunosupressants (sp?) as Dr. Ricordi mentioned in the 
chat, are very toxic. As of now the people receiving islet cell transplant 
already have to have some other transplant like kidney as well. The Edmonton 
Protocal was a great advancement, we just need another one soon! 

What can we help advance research? Write your representative about supporting 
Diabetes research. Contact organizations such as JDRF and the ADA. I know 
 that JDRF has a program to write letters to your representatives. Donate
amount of money you can. Since the economy is doing poorly so are charities. 
Give what you can. When an organization doesn't have enough funds they can't 
support grants, which stalls advancement in finding a cure and prevention of 
 Diabetes. So without money researchers like Dr. Ricordi won't be able to
to the stage where he can do clinical trials on humans which will mean a cure 

If anyone would like to see the transcript of this chat go to : 

I'll step off my soapbox now. =)

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992    and hoping for a cure real soon!
> <<"Camillo Ricordi   ( Tue May 20 09:38:19 PM EDT 2003 
> For those of you under 20, my message would be that you will celebrate your
> 30th birthday without diabetes ... (I really think the 25th, but they always
> tell me I am too optimist) >>
> Please, please tell me this can happen! I'll buy the 1st round at the cure
> party!
> Shelley
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