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[IP] Skin Exams

This is a little off subject, but I felt like sharing it. If any of you have
moles GET THEM CHECKED. I went for my checkup the other day and asked my
family doc to look at a small patch of  scaly skin on my hand. He said it
was nothing to worry about, but since I have lots of moles, he looked them
over too. He wanted to look at my back, and so I let him. He said he found 1
mole that he would like to cut out and have checked. I got home yesterday
and had a message to call the docs office. It was melanoma. I thought you
had to be out in the sun all the time to get that. Not so. Most common place
on men is the back. I am waiting to get in to Oncologist next Wednesday,
then get more cut out on the 4th. I hope that we caught it early. If any of
you have moles or funny looking places on your skin, get it checked often.
This place didn't look much different than my other moles.


Bill French husband to Ute, type 1 1986 pumping 3/03 clear paradigm
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