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[IP] OhwhatastoopIam!

Read the subject -slowly- and you will see I am indeed a 'stoop'...<G>

Here I was, just going along, and noticing that my BGs were going higher and
higher....Changed sets, over weeks noticed this gradual rise. I was
thinking, at 47 the dreaded 'change of life' stuff.

I went to the Lab today for tests (Lipid and CBC, HbA1c etc...) after 14
hours fasting I was still at 208 (!!??) so I said to my fellow in the car:
"FINE! I will raise the (swear word) basal rates!" and proceeded to do so.

Mystery solved. DUH! DOH! Double-Duuu-uu-uuuh!

I had sent my first pump into Disetronic for its tech inspeaction and hooked
up to the second -spare- pump......

.......and forgot to check the basal profile of the spare pump!! I had been
running on like .4 and .6 u/h LESS than what I supposed to...Yikes!

Needless to say, but I will say it, my HbA1c will be one heck of a bummer
read. BUT at least Dumm/e here figured out why.

May my silliness teach any others. *I* am hitting the sack.

-- I9d make a terrible Maid. I don9t Do9 Windows.


Jenny Sutherland
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