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[IP] Accu-chek Active meter

Recently I added an Accu-chek Active blood glucose meter to collection of
two Accu-chek Advantage meters.  It's ok for me, but not great.

I like:
1) results in 5 seconds
2) light weight
3) infrared connection to PC to download test results (and upload current
time and date)

I dislike:
1) neither of Accu-chek's two case types are specific to the Active meter
2) customer service doesn't really know much about cases for their products
3) flimsy connection from belt clip to case which has broken on two cases
(not really designed for "Active" use).  I'm using standard plastic cable
ties as replacements.

Is any kit (including more test/strips or cartridge(s), autolet, place to
put medical waste) really portable for an active person? How about a kit the
size of an insulin pump? That's what I'm looking for.
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