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Re: [IP] frustrated

Hey Anna,

your doing just fine, i'm an expert now 4 weeks on a paradigm :>) not. The
night before i switched
to the pump, i took NPH and wound up at 383 the next morning, not a good
start. For the next several
weeks i was up and down and these swings were large, from 50 to 250. My CDE
and Endocronoligist
made the necessary changes to level this out. In fact for the first 2 weeks
i called the CDE
between 3-4 times a day, and at home on the week-ends, she was wonderful i
owe her a great deal.
As i mentioned in a previous reply the if you want to call them that are
much closer together,
so far today 77 for a low, and 192 for a high. I created the high, i had a
small snack to offset
the 77, yesterday it worked fine, i was 63 and at 11:30AM just before lunch
i was 104.

don't give up just yet,


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>I'm on day 13 of this new pump and still haven't had a
>successful basal rate test!  I keep going high and/or
>low.  I'm very frustrated and wonder if I'm the only
>one who has had this kind of trouble...I think the CDE
>thinks I'm crazy but I just can't go to bed with a
>blood sugar above 200 that seems to be going up, and
>'wait and see' if it continues to climb, in order to
>complete a basal test.
>I work until 5:30 pm and have a 30 min commute (on a
>good day!) so getting home and exercising and eating
>dinner early enough to do the nighttime basal check
>has been a challenge...and it seems on weekends I keep
>running into unexplained highs/lows... sigh.
>I was running low all the time on injections, but at
>least my numbers weren't high all the time!  I'm
>trying to think positively and be glad i'm not going
>low multiple times a day but it's hard not to give in
>to a little self pity sometimes!  Sorry to vent, and
>thanks for listening!  
>Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.
>Maybe Chris J. could spare a hug!  =)
>Anna in Seattle
>pumping with paradigm since 05/08/03
>dx'd 05/80 age 12
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