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Re: [IP] RE: paradigm error E21

I had my first E21 a couple of weeks ago. I have been pumping since Jan, 
27th, 2003.

They explained on the phone that MiniMed would rather replace the unit, as 
once the error occurs, it seems to happen again and again. Which can be a 
pain. :-) Other than that, as I live in Canada and it happened Saturday 
night, I had to wait until Tuesday to receive my replacement. The reset and 
re-entry of settings seems to be fine. Funny story, when my replacement 
pump arrived at work. I left it on my desk in the shipping box, when 
suddenly it started to beep. "I know that sound!!" I thought, and opened my 
replacement pump to an E21 error. I laughed so hard then called MiniMed and 
got my third pump the next day.

For the MM reps on the list, I think the E21 error is related to a voltage 
problem in the electronics. As I don't have $6000+ to throw about on a unit 
to test on, I'll let you guys look into it more :-)

On another note, I was thinking of creating a web database where people 
could enter in the pump serial number and we can track where and who has 
our little pump buddies now. If any one is interested in this, let me know 
and I'll start work on it. I thought it would be a fun project to work on 
during lunch some day :-)


At 09:39 AM 5/21/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>I received the same error about 2 weeks after I started using the Paradigm. I
>had to reset everything on the pump and change the battery. I didn't call
>Minimed because everything seemed to be ok afterwards. But, since you had the
>same error and Minimed sent you a new pump, should I be concerned? After all,
>this is a 7,000.00 investment.
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