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Re: [IP] frustrated

Hi, Anna,
I understand your frustration with the basal rate tests.  A couple of things 
might help with what's going on.

1)  You might be like me and have diabetes that hasn't read the book about how 
blood sugar is supposed to act.  For example, I go low when I'm sick, and my 
blood sugars go up for a couple of hours after exercising.  I'm told that 
 different people's livers release glucagon differently in response to exercise,
and it's not something that is even the same in the same person from day to 
 day. It is true, though, that if I restrain myself from 'correcting' the high,
I don't crash about 4 hours out, which is what happens if I do correct the way 
the books and training tell you to.

2)  The other thing is that the purpose of the basal rate test is to see what 
your body does at that basal rate, and then make adjustments.  As long as you 
aren't spilling ketones, it is unlikely that going to bed with a 200 that 
appears to be going up is going to cause you any great dammage on a one-time 
basis.  Personally, I would set the clock to test every couple of hours, and 
call off the test and correct if I started spilling ketones, just to help the 
CDE help you determine what basal rate needs to be tweaked.  And the tests in 
the night will help determine if you go down again naturally at your current 
rates, or if the overnight settings need to be tweaked.  If I corrected for 
 the 'high' trend, then I'd most likely crash in the middle of the night, so not
only would I not have any data but would have to deal with a middle-of-the-
night low (not fun).

As always, YMMV.  Believe that you will get this figured out for your 
 individual body, and the whole process gets easier and better as time goes on.
Hang in there :)

Kathy T.
> Hi,
> I'm on day 13 of this new pump and still haven't had a
> successful basal rate test!  I keep going high and/or
> low.  I'm very frustrated and wonder if I'm the only
> one who has had this kind of trouble...I think the CDE
> thinks I'm crazy but I just can't go to bed with a
> blood sugar above 200 that seems to be going up, and
> 'wait and see' if it continues to climb, in order to
> complete a basal test.
> I work until 5:30 pm and have a 30 min commute (on a
> good day!) so getting home and exercising and eating
> dinner early enough to do the nighttime basal check
> has been a challenge...and it seems on weekends I keep
> running into unexplained highs/lows... sigh.
> I was running low all the time on injections, but at
> least my numbers weren't high all the time!  I'm
> trying to think positively and be glad i'm not going
> low multiple times a day but it's hard not to give in
> to a little self pity sometimes!  Sorry to vent, and
> thanks for listening!  
> Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

> Maybe Chris J. could spare a hug!  =)
> Anna in Seattle
> pumping with paradigm since 05/08/03
> dx'd 05/80 age 12
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