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Re: [IP] dawn phenomenom....not!!!


  The JOY of having a child with diabetes (gosh probably doesn't have to be a 
child really...LOL) is that from day to day it is so unpredicatble just 
exactly what the person's body is going to do..  And then the next day it 
could be compmletely different.  My Joshua DOES have the early moring DP.  
But then he also goes up a bit mid evening but crashes in the mid to late 
afternoon.  That is the pure joy of the pump, we can adjust for those times 
when they need to be adjusted.

My Josh is also 11 and already in puberty.  The wonderful joy we are having 
with that is that he is totally opposite (so far) and when he is having a 
heavy hormone time he goes hypO instead of the 'norm' of going up!!!  His 
endo has seen this only once before in his practice, but it does happen.  We 
are in one of those time periods right now.....YYAAWWNN........get the 

It takes time to get everything fine tuned.  I hope you have the PUMPING 
INSULIN book, by John Walsh.  He has a good section in there on kids and 
teens pumping.  You can get it online through this list's book page link if 
you don't have it already!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA  west of Seattle
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