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[IP] contact lens questions

 I have a question regarding contacts. Went to the eye dr. yesterday and asked
about contacts, since I never wear my glasses! :) The dr. did a test, and told
me that a normal person blinks and the tears will last approx. 15 seconds before
starting to degrade. My tears are only lasting 3-5 seconds, and it would
therefore be harder for me to wear contacts. He did suggest and order a special
soft contact designed for people with dry eyes. He said this dry eye problem was
often genetic, and didn't ever suggest it had anything to do with my diabetes. I
should have my contacts in about a week, and in the meantime, he suggested a new
eyedrop that helps your eyes retain their moisture longer, called Systane. My
exam showed no other eye problems and health-wise, my eyes look great!

 So ... Any of you contact lens wearers out there have any suggestions,
comments? What do you wear and have you had any problems with them? Any contact
lens wearers with dry eyes? I'd love to hear any and all comments, please reply
directly to me, as I am on the digest.


Terry Walkup
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