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Re: [IP] Give Them a Writen List of Your Medicines

I do the same thing. I have typed out a condensed medical history and list of 
medications and allergies as well as my basal rates. I make changes when 
necessary. I also print it out  and copy it so that it is small enough to fit 
inside my wallet in case i am in an emergancy situation and need to have all 
this info with me.

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992

email @ redacted writes:

> Use your word processing program and make a form that lists all your medical
> history information (condensed) and all your medications and their strength
> and instructions that you are taking and the physician name and phone 
> number.
> Put this on a disk.  The day before your apt. or procedure go to your disk.
> make any corections or changes in your drugs or doses AND change the date 
> on
> the form to that days date.  Print a copy and take that printed copy to 
> your
> Dr. or hospital.
> I  give them that copy.
> Most of the time the assistent takes my form and recopies my information 
> for
> their record of that day's appointment. Often they want to copy my paper 
> and
> give it back to me but I say
> " NO This Form is  for your  records."
>  I give it to them in Black and White.
>   Charles Soderstrom  T1 since 10/53 @ age 19
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