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[IP] Getting it wrong

Whenever I have had to go in to the hospital (which hasn't been in the 
past 2 years) I always tell them that I am on an insulin pump and how 
many times a day I check my BG and they usually let me control my own 
insulin and testing.  I just tell them what my BG is and tell them 
what I have done in way of bolusing or decreasing basal.  I never give 
them a true daily total as it varies EVERY day, but I give them a 
guesstimate and I usually overcompensate for it (If I have a week 
where I took 35 units per day and  another week that I had 40 units 
per day, I tend to tell them the 40 because you can always eat 
something to cover the insulin that you have given).  And on dialysis 
days I take about 2/3 what I would on a non-dialysis day (average on 
dialysis day is 30 units and usually 45 on a non-dialysis day)because 
the blood is being cleaned and all the sugar is literally being taken 
out of the blood.


My concern is, if I were hospitalized and they gave the hosp. my 
chart, this
is what would be ordered and official!!!!  I would not be allowed to 
it.  grrrrrrrrrr
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